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Treatment of Kleine–Levin syndrome with sodium oxybate

We recently observed recurrent hypersomnia in a 24-year-old man, which had been occurring several times a year since the patient was 13years old. He also suffered from episodic hyperphagia and hypersexuality. A diagnosis of Kleine–Levin syndrome (KLS) was made. Brain MRI was normal. He was positive for HLA DQB1*02 typing, and a moderate hypoperfusion in basal ganglia was found using brain SPECT. After treatment failure with lithium (1200mgr/day) the patient manifested continuous cycle, alternating periods of pseudohypersomnia, true hypersomnia and normal period, without interruption. He displayed progressive pseudo-hypersomnia (drowsy and apathetic but unable to sleep), profuse sweating, seborrhea and facial flushing , for 10–12days then later displayed true hypersomnia, sleeping 20–…

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