This study therefore investigates BDD prevalence and nonweight‐related appearance concerns in EDs.
Method:One hundred individuals with EDs (49 inpatients with anorexia nervosa, 51 inpatients with bulimia nervosa) completed structured diagnostic interviews and self‐report questionnaires.
Results:Twelve individuals with EDs (12.0%) suffered from comorbid BDD, with their body dysmorphic concerns being unrelated to weight and shape. BDD lifetime‐prevalence was 15.0%. There was a high prevalence of dissatisfaction with nonweight‐related body features such as skin, hair, teeth, nose, and height (20.8 to 53.5%).
Discussion:Findings indicate that BDD is a frequent comorbid disorder in individuals with EDs. Furthermore, along with weight and body shape, nonweight‐related appearance concer…

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