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The effects of a MAP2K5 microRNA target site SNP on risk for anxiety and depressive disorders

We examined the SNP’s association with mood and anxiety‐related disorders. Rs41305272 was associated with agoraphobia (Ag) in EAs (odds ratio [OR] = 1.95, P = 0.007; 195 cases) and AAs (OR = 3.2, P = 0.03; 148 cases) and major depressive disorder (MDD) in AAs (OR = 2.64, P = 0.01; 427 cases), but not EAs (465 cases). Rs41305272*T carrier frequency was correlated with the number of anxiety and depressive disorders diagnosed per subject. RLS was not evaluated in our subjects. Predicted miR‐330‐3p target genes were enriched in pathways relevant to psychiatric disorders. These findings suggest that microRNA target site information may be useful in the analysis of GWAS signals for complex traits. MiR‐330‐3p and MAP2K5 are potentially important contributors to m…

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Kleine‐Levin syndrome‐like symptoms in a middle‐aged female with cognitive dysfunction

Kleine‐Levin syndrome is characterized by recurrent episodes of hypersomnia with cognitive and behavioral impairments. Two years ago, a 56‐year‐old female patient developed episodic memory loss and calculation difficulties. One year ago, she complained of recurrent hypersomnia with hyperphagia. Episodes developed 1–2 times per month and each episode lasted 3–4 days. Electroencephalography showed 6–7 Hz diffuse background slowing during an episode. Neuropsychological tests revealed cognitive impairment and brain imaging showed normal between episodes. Polysomnography showed increased periodic limb movement and respiratory disturbance index. This is the case of Kleine‐Levin syndrome like symptoms in a patient with cognitive dysfunction. (Source: Sleep and Biological …

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