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Screening tools for body dysmorphic disorder in a cosmetic surgery setting

Conclusions:The limited availability of good screening tools for BDD in patients seeking aesthetic surgery stands in remarkable contrast to the estimated high prevalence of BDD in this setting. Among the currently used screening tools, the BDDQ‐DV and the DCQ seem the most suitable for further research on prevalence of BDD in cosmetic surgery and the impact of BDD on treatment outcome. Laryngoscope, 121:2535–2541, 2011 (Source: The Laryngoscope)

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Sustained attention to response task (SART) shows impaired vigilance in a spectrum of disorders of excessive daytime sleepiness

SummaryThe sustained attention to response task comprises withholding key presses to one in nine of 225 target stimuli; it proved to be a sensitive measure of vigilance in a small group of narcoleptics. We studied sustained attention to response task results in 96 patients from a tertiary narcolepsy referral centre. Diagnoses according to ICSD‐2 criteria were narcolepsy with (n = 42) and without cataplexy (n = 5), idiopathic hypersomnia without long sleep time (n = 37), and obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome (n = 12). The sustained attention to response task was administered prior to each of five multiple sleep latency test sessions. Analysis concerned error rates, mean reaction time, reaction time variability and post‐error slowing, as well as the correlation of sustain…

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